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Global Dismantling
Welcome to Global Dismantling, we’re glad you found us! We specialize in the recovery and recycling of electrical power equipment. Whether it’s a power plant, industrial site, or commercial building, our experienced dismantling crews are experts when it comes to transformer and electrical equipment recycling. We coordinate all necessary machinery at the job site, as well as outbound transportation, while maintaining a safe environment throughout the entire project.

Specializing in the onsite decommissioning and recycling of large transmission and distribution transformers up to 1,200 MVA.

Global Dismantling ensures that our clients receive the maximum return on the sale of aged or obsolete electrical assets. Serving North and South America, as well as Europe, we provide an onsite inspection and bid proposal FAST, and are ready to schedule your project now!
Our Customers Include
Global Dismantling serves a wide range of customers worldwide:
  • Public Utilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Refineries & Chemical Plants
  • Municipalities
  • Insurance Companies
  • Fortune 500 Companies
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